Tsútswecw Provincial Park: Hiking and Walking Trails

Lower Trail System

The Lower Trail System provides access to the viewing areas during the salmon runs and encompasses all the trails south-east of the Squilax-Anglemont Road.

  • Cottonwoods Trail – Follows the easterly bank of the river for about 3.5 km linking the river mouth with the main parking lot and the viewing platform with the highway bridge.
  • Island Loop – Approximately 1.5 km loop around a small island by river channel. This channel is dry during the winter months but provides one of the most appealing salmon viewing areas.
  • Phil Rexin Memorial Trail – Approximately 1.5 km trail that takes you from the main parking area to the river-mouth parking area or the top of the groundwater spawning channel. In summer it offers a shaded cooler experience through a mixed forest.

Wade Road and Flume Trail System

The Wade Road and Flume Trails encompass all of the trails north of the Squilax-Anglemont Road. These trails offer an impressive array of human and natural history, scenic beauty and distinctive trail structures.

  • Packer Trail – Traverse attractive, dry forest well above the river following an old horse packer’s trail for most of its length.
  • Adams Trail – The trail starts out as an old road and turns into a trail at the canyon area. The trail follows Adams River for the most part until it ends at Gold Creek. The trail is linked with the Packer Trail at the power line, permitting a loop to be made back to the old road.
  • Historic Flume – This trail follows a historic log flume. There are also five unique bridges and the impressive Bear Creek Falls on this scenic and interesting route. This trail is not accessible from Adams Trail. Bikes are not permitted in this area.

Canyon and Canyon Pool

A favourite area on the Adams Trail for anglers and picnickers. It is also an exciting area to view rafters and kayakers as they test their skills through the canyon section of the river. Below the canyon is a large pool with a sandy beach. Bikes are not permitted in this areas. Diving is prohibited due to hazardous underwater obstacles. People have been seriously injured and even killed while diving in the Adam’s River.