Stone Mountain Provincial Park: Hiking

Hiking in Stone Mountain Provincial Park

In Stone Mountain Provincial Park, several short hikes start from the Summit Lake Campground area.

Summit Peak Trail

A 5 km round-trip hike leads through lodgepole pine forest to a spectacular view of the alpine area. Recommended only for fit individuals.

Erosion Pillars Trail

A short one-half kilometre (one way) walk leaves across from Rocky Crest Lake and leads to a view of several hoodoos.

Flower Springs Trail

A 5.7 km round-trip hike to alpine lakes, alpine flowers and waterfalls.

For the more adventuresome, longer hikes lead into the backcountry of Stone Mountain Provincial Park and Wokkpash area (now part of the Northern Rocky Mountains Park). Only experienced backpackers with map and compass skills and proper equipment should attempt to hike these routes. Anyone planning a backcountry trip to Stone Mountain Park or Wokkpash area should obtain and carry the appropriate topographical maps. This area is covered by maps 94K/7 and 94K/10 at a 1:50,000 scale.

MacDonald Creek Valley Trail

Trailhead is located near km 632 of the Alaska Highway across from Baba Canyon, three km west of Rocky Crest Lake. Plan to spend 2-5 days on this 35 km hike.

Wokkpash Valley-MacDonald Creek Loop Trail

The best of both the Wokkpash and Stone Mountain Park can be explored on a 70 km loop trek that can be hiked in five to seven days. The recommended start point is the Old Churchill Mine Road at km 645.25 of the Alaska Highway. Cross the MacDonald Creek and travel 17km down the road to the trailhead. The trail follows Wokkpash Creek, then travels up through trees above Wokkpash Gorge and reaches Forlorn Creek. From here, follow Wokkpash Creek to travel around the east side of Wokkpash Lake to Plug Creek. Follow the trail markers and cairns to the pass behind Whitestone Ridge, follow the valley on the east side of Whitestone Ridge to Last Call Lake, then down alongside MacDonald Creek. The trail exits at Babba Canyon near km 632 of the Alaska Highway.