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The park is remote and access is difficult. Visitors should be prepared for variable water and weather conditions. Boaters may tie up to shore during good weather, but there is no dock or secure anchorage.

Please use holding tanks: do not dispose of sewage in the park’s waters.
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Smoking is prohibited
During a campfire ban, smoking is restricted in all public areas of a park or protected area. Please read this Information Bulletin.

Sir Alexander Mackenzie Provincial Park

About This Park

Sir Alexander Mackenzie Provincial Park Sir Alexander Mackenzie Provincial Park is a small coastal park near Elcho Harbour on Dean Channel. The park is located at the westernmost point in the journey of Alexander Mackenzie where, in reddish paint made of vermilion and bear grease, he wrote on a rock: “Alex Mackenzie from Canada by land 22nd July 1793.

The rock, near the water’s edge, still bears his words, which were permanently inscribed in the rock later by surveyors.

Recreational use of the park is limited to one-day excursions by air or boat. The park may also mark the end of an extensive backcountry hiking or horseback riding journey along the Alexander Mackenzie Heritage (Grease) Trail, which travels through Kluskoil and Tweedsmuir (South) Provincial Parks.

Note: Iin order to reach the park, hikers must still travel the last segment of the journey by boat, as did Sir Alexander Mackenzie. Anchorage at the historical rock is poor and exposed to high winds. Temporary anchorage is possible in the cove immediately to the west of the point; again, it is shallow and exposed, and suitable only in settled weather. Better protection is found at the head of Elcho Harbour, two miles farther west. There are campsites a short distance northeast of the point (not in the park).

Park Size: 5 hectares


The park is located near Elcho Harbour, approximately 65 km northwest of Bella Coola, on Dean Channel. Use is limited to day-excursions by air, or boat charter from Bella Coola or Bella Bella. Please refer to the BC Marine Parks Guide for more information. The Canadian Hydrographic Chart is number 3729. The closest communities to the park are Bella Coola and Ocean Falls.

Management Planning

  • Management Planning Information
  • There is currently no approved valid management plan for this area. Management plans are prepared as soon as practicable, subject to available resources and the ability of key planning partners to participate.

Activities Available at this Park



There are kayaking opportunities at this park; however, access is lengthy and requires experience.


There are fishing opportunities at this park. Anyone fishing or angling in British Columbia must have an appropriate license.
Note: The entire north coast area is closed to bivalve harvest due to red tide and the possibility of paralytic shellfish poisoning.


There is a small trail from the beach on the cove, approximately 200 metres, that leads to the monument. Please stay to the trail, as shortcutting destroys plant life and soil structure.


This park is open to hunting. Please refer to the British Columbia Hunting Regulations for more information.