Shuswap Lake Marine Provincial Park


We are working to ensure that the ecological integrity of the parks is maintained, and that visitors can enjoy a safe and peaceful vacation in any of the 30 parks around the lake.

Outdoor enthusiasts can expect a quiet holiday as the provincial parks are intended for nature-oriented recreation - people seeking a loud party atmosphere should look at alternative recreation destinations.

Enjoy your visit but please leave the parks as you find them. Firewood must be obtained from one of the many outlets around the lake rather than gathered from the forest. Taking live or dead wood out of the forest removes nutrients needed by plants, insects and fungi that are essential elements of the ecosystem.

Please be considerate of other people on the lake and treat the natural environment with care. Disturbance of other visitors, cutting of trees or burning of bush wood, and use of fireworks will not be tolerated in any of the marine parks. Violators will face fines and eviction and houseboat renters could well experience termination of their houseboat holiday.

If you observe others violating park regulations or other laws, contact the RCMP (911) with as much information as you can safely record.

This information is intended to clarify what expectations marine park visitors should have. BC Parks is committed to providing quality nature-oriented recreation. We are endeavouring to ensure that all visitors can enjoy the marine parks. We look forward to seeing you on the Shuswap and hope that your visit will be memorable.

BC Parks Sicamous Detachment, RCMP

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