Newcastle Island Marine Provincial Park: Hiking Trails

Bates Point Trail: Length 1.5 km loop.
Average walking time: 45 minutes.

This loop trail leads through Garry Oak meadows and mature coastal Douglas fir and arbutus. In the spring, look for native plant species such as Chocolate lilies, Common camas and Death camus throughout the Garry oaks. Please keep on trails and do not disturb the vegetation.
Kanaka Bay Trail: Length 1.5 km.
Average one-way walking time: 30-45 minutes.
This trail leads from the day-use area to Kanaka Bay and leads visitors through a mature forest of Douglas fir, and past a marsh area and a historic ventilation shaft for a coal mine. This shaft is 390 feet deep and more than 100 years old.
Channel Trail: Length 3 km loop.
Average walking time: 1.5 hours.
This trail leads from the day-use area toward Bates Point and up the Newcastle Channel, running through mature Douglas fir, arbutus and Garry oak forest and along the water’s edge between Newcastle and Nanaimo. The Channel Trail brings visitors to an old stone quarry site with interpretive signage.
Mallard Lake Trail: Length 2 km.
Average one-way walking time: 40-60 minutes.
This trail leaves from the day-use area, winding through mature Douglas fir and marshy areas to Mallard Lake. Along the way visitors have good opportunities to view ducks, mergansers, beaver, and in the Lake, the tiny pumpkin seed sunfish. From Mallard Lake, another ½ km west will take you to Midden Bay, the site of a historic coal mine. This bay offers lovely views of Nanaimo and busy Departure Bay. Just beyond Midden Bay is Saltery Beach, the former site of a Japanese herring saltery and shipyard.
Giovando Lookout: Length 3 km from the dock.
Average one-way walking time: 1.5 hours.
Giovando Lookout is located at the northern tip of the park, with excellent views of the Strait of Georgia and Coast Mountains.
Shoreline Trail: Length 5 km.
Average one-way walking time: 2.5 hours.
To circumnavigate the park, take the Shoreline Trail to the east of the dock and day-use area. This trail connects with the Channel Trail at Midden Bay on the other side of the park, approximately 5 km away. The total distance to travel around the island is approximately 8 km.