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The combination of prime bear habitat within the park and the low visibility on trails, due to thick bush, increases the possibility of bear/human confrontations. Always make noise while hiking or wear a bear bell.

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During a campfire ban, smoking is restricted in all public areas of a park or protected area. Please read this Information Bulletin.

Netalzul Meadows Provincial Park

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  • All-terrain vehicle use and the construction or maintenance of ATV trails is prohibited in the park.

About This Park

Netalzul Meadows Provincial Park

Netalzul Meadows is located in the Harold-Price watershed, about 50 km north of Smithers. The park is comprised of an unusual wet meadow complex, as well as a spectacular waterfall and rare plant species.

The park has opportunities for wildlife viewing, nature appreciation and study, viewing of a 100 m waterfall, hunting and hiking.

Park Size: 297 hectares

Location and Maps

Netalzul Meadows is not easily accessible. Travel time off Highway 16 is approximately 1.5 - 2 hours and includes 140 km of mostly unpaved, narrow roads and 1 km of hard to follow trails. Once in the park, thick undergrowth and tall meadow plants make for difficult travel.

Netalzul Meadows is accessed via the Upper Fulton (3000) Forest Service Road, off Babine Lake Road. At km 51 of the Upre Fulton (3000) FSR, turn onto an unarked road on the right. This rough road ends at a creek crossing. There is a parking area and an ATV trail leading to the Camp Lake. The ATV trail continues northwest into an old cutblock with substantial regrowth. Experience with a map and compass or a GPS will be needed to navigate through the cutblock and into the meadow.

Nature and Culture

  • History - Netalzul Meadows Provincial Park became a protected area in 1996.
  • Cultural Heritage - Netalzul Meadows is within the traditional territory of the Wet'suwet'en and Ned'u'ten peoples.
  • Conservation - This park protects under-represented forested and non-forested moist sub-boreal spruce ecosystems. Key aspects are a spectacular waterfall with a calciphytic spray zone which supports rare plant species, including the provincially rare Aster-Peavine Meadow plant community. It is also excellent summer and winter habitat for moose.
  • Wildlife - Bears, moose, wolves and deer all frequent Netalzul Meadows.

Management Planning

Management Planning Information

Approved online Management Direction Statement

Netalzul Meadows Park serves primarily a conservation role and management will focus on protecting the park's natural values. No development is anticipated.

Activities Available at this Park



There are no maintained trails within this park but game trails provide hiking opportunities within the meadow and down to the waterfall. Experience with a map and compass or GPS is essential. Hikers should make plenty of noise and be prepared for encounters with wildlife as the thick brush in the meadow makes for poor visibility.


The park is open to hunting. All hunters to the area should refer to the current BC Hunting and Trapping Regulation synopsis for more information.
Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife Viewing

This remote park provides great opportunities for viewing various bird species in the meadow.