Hiking in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

  • Trail Report [PDF] (August 9, 2021)
    Please note: Trail reports updated regularly June-August as trails melt out.

There are three informal day-hike “routes” heading out from the core area of the park that have evolved over the years. For the most part, these routes are without trails, but they do offer tremendous opportunities to view the park. We recommend that only hikers with good bushwacking and compass-reading skills attempt these hikes.

Sunburst Valley: From Nublet to the Nub, descend the ridge leading down to Elizabeth Lake. From here there are several options: 1} continue to Sunburst Lake via trail; 2}walk Chuck's Ridge and connect with Ferro Pass Trail and then to Cerulean and Sunburst Lakes; 3} follow Elizabeth Lake Trail to Ferro Pass Trail and complete the circuit via Cerulean and Sunburst Lakes.

Og Valley (East): Follow the trail to Og Pass and then continue along the trail to Windy Ridge, descending from the ridge via the smooth rock slope to the north end of Og Lake, then following the trail back to your starting point.

Og Valley (West): Follow the trail to Og Lake, branch off and head for either: 1} the pass between Jones Hill and Nub, or 2} the ridge at the eastern toe of Jones Hill. Either route brings you out into Nub Basin. From here pick a route down through to the main valley.

Day Hikes (Trails)

Assiniboine Lodge to Og Lake: this is 5.6 km of easy hiking.

Assiniboine Lodge to Gog Lake: at 1.8 km, this is a short and easy hike.

Assiniboine Lodge to Nub: moderately demanding.

Assiniboine Lodge to Mount Cautley: a strenuous, uphill workout is promised by this 4.8 km hike.

Assiniboine Lodge to Wonder Pass Viewpoint: it's 5.6 easy km along this hike.

Assiniboine Lodge to Windy Ridge: hikers looking for a good cardio workout can hike the strenuous 5.7 km to Windy Ridge.

Sunburst Lake to Rock Lake: this is 11.3 km of moderate hiking.

Sunburst Lake to Elizabeth Lake: at 1.7 km, this is a moderately demanding hike.

Sunburst Lake to Wedgewood Lake: this moderate hike stretches for 5.1 km.

Sunshine Meadows area also offers a number of excellent day hikes. Starting at the Sunshine Ski Village in Banff National Park, various loop trails traverse representative alpine meadows and lakes in the boundary area of Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. The meadows in this area are very sensitive. Please use extreme care at all times and stay on the trails.