Monashee Provincial Park: Hiking Trails

Trails to Spectrum Lake Area (all trail times are one way)

Spectrum Creek Parking Lot: distance 6 km; 2 hours; easy

This is the most common access. The trail surface has been improved, widened to three feet and hardpacked for most of its length. There are well maintained boardwalks and bridges across streams and wet areas. It passes through a mixed forest of Douglas fir, lodgepole pine, birch and some cedar and hemlock. Mountain bikes are not permitted.

Trails to Alpine Areas (from Spectrum Lake)

Little Peters Trail: distance 5 km; 3-4 hours; difficult
This is the most difficult section of trail in the park. It winds its way up out of the Spectrum Lake basin gaining elevation rapidly through steep switchbacks. The trail is narrow and passes through sections of very rocky terrain found in avalanche chutes that are thick with alder. These sections can be slippery when wet and require caution. The climb does allow for some great views back down to Spectrum Lake and of the Chute, which is the outlet for Peters Lake that forms a waterfall as it cascades down the headwall towards Spectrum Lake far below.

Big Peters Trail: (elevation change 800 m) distance 9 km; 4-5 hours; difficult
This is a continuation of the Little Peters Trail to the camping area at the other end of Peters Lake. The bulk of the elevation has been gained upon reaching Little Peters Lake and the remainder of the trail follows the rolling sub-alpine terrain through patches Engelmann spruce/sub-alpine fir forest on the southeast side of Big Peters Lake.

Alpine Routes (from Big Peters)
These routes for experienced hikers are not always well defined. Map reading skills are an asset.

Margie Lake: distance 5 km; 1 1/2 - 2 hours; easy

Fawn Lake: (elevation change 300 m) distance 4 km; 1 1/2 - 2 hours; moderate

South Caribou Pass: distance 3 km; 1.5 - 2 hours; difficult

Mount Fosthall: (elevation change 1000 m) distance 5.2 km; 3 - 4 hours; technical equipment may be required (difficult)