Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park

Hiking Trails

Bear Valley Trail: 1 km; easy. This natural trail is accessed by following the High Rim Trail from the Cosens Bay parking, following the fence along the park boundary and climbing the small ridge. The trail descends into the Bear Valley and leaves the High Rim Trail to head south towards Cosens Bay. This narrow valley is filled with Douglas fir and moisture loving shrubs in stark contrast to the dry grasslands in the Cosens Valley. The trail can be wet and muddy at times. It joins the private road to the cabins and can be made into a loop back to the parking lot.

Coldstream Trail: 2.5 km; moderate. This developed gravel path begins at the Red Gate and cuts through a forest of Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir before emerging into grasslands and descending into Cosens Bay.

Cosens Bay Trail: 2.5 km; easy. A popular hike to the beach at Cosens Bay, hikers can follow the road through the grasslands. The trail leaves the road to follow Red Hawthorne Creek to the beach.

Crest Trail: 1 km; easy. This trail follows the height of land from the Jade/Juniper parking to Rattlesnake Point. Steep cliffs are found along this trail, please stay on the trail. There are benches along the way to make the most of the great views of the lake.

Grassland Trail: 1.5 km; easy. This developed gravel path leaves the Jade/Juniper parking lot and climbs through open grassland and Ponderosa pine to join the Coldstream Trail. Hikers can continue on to Red Gate or Cosens Bay.

Juniper Trail: 1.5 km; easy-moderate. This well developed paved trail descends to the twin bays. A gravel path continues on to follow the lakeshore before climbing up to Rattlesnake Point and the viewpoint atop the point.

Many other informal trails bisect the park and expose visitors to the varied terrain and vegetation in the park.

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