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During a campfire ban, smoking is restricted in all public areas of a park or protected area. Please read this Information Bulletin.

Graystokes Provincial Park

About This Park

Graystokes Provincial Park was established on April 18, 2001, to provide significantly increased representation of a number of biogeoclimatic units in the North Okanagan highlands ecosection. It also protects an extensive complex of swamps, meandering streams and meadows, as well as maintaining habitat for moose, mule deer and white-tailed deer.

Know Before You Go

Stay Safe

  • Bring your own drinking water as potable water is not available in the park.
  • There are no developed trails in the park. For your own safety and the preservation of the park, obey posted signs.

Special Notes

  • No motorized vehicles, including off-road and all-terrain vehicles. Only snowmobiles are permitted during the winter months.
  • The BC Snowmobile Federation has three chalets on the Graystokes Plateau. They are not for use by the general public and may not be to BC Parks’ standards.


This park is located 45 km northeast of Kelowna. From highway 97 in Kelowna follow highway 33 for 23.5 km toward Big White Ski Area. Turn left; take Three Forks Road and cross Mission Creek at 7 km. Continue north for 0.5 km and turn right onto Greystokes Forest Service Road. Follow this rough road to the park and an information sign: approximately 10km.

Maps and Brochures

Nature and Culture

  • Conservation: Graystokes protects extensive old growth Sub-alpine fir and Engelmann spruce. The extensive complex of swamps, streams and wetland meadows mixed with forest is unique in the Southern Interior. Forest types range from mid-elevation to alpine and include extensive old growth Engelmann spruce, Sub-alpine fir and Douglas fir. The Graystokes Plateau plays a key role in providing mid and late summer range for wildlife when the valley bottom is no longer productive. It also protects the upper reaches of the Mission Creek watershed for the City of Kelowna.
  • Wildlife: Within the protected area is habitat for moose, White-tailed deer and mule deer primarily from spring to fall. Also found in the area are lynx, wolverine, ptarmigan and grouse. There is one red-listed animal: Mountain caribou, three blue-listed mammals: fisher, Townsend’s big-eared bat and grizzly bear, and one blue-listed plant species, pink agoseris.

Activities Available at this Park



Anyone fishing or angling in British Columbia must have an appropriate licence.


The protected area is open to hunting. Please check the BC Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis for further details.
Pets on Leash

Pets on Leash

Backcountry areas are not suitable for dogs or other pets due to wildlife issues and the potential for problems with bears. Pets/domestic animals must be on a leash at all times and are not allowed in beach areas or park buildings. You are responsible for their behaviour and must dispose of their excrement.
Winter Recreation

Winter Recreation

There are no formal cross-country skiing or snowshoeing trails in the park. Given its popularity as a snowmobiling destination, other winter activities may be limited. The Graystokes Plateau is a very popular area for snowmobiling. Articles about the area, have appeared in various snowmobiling publications.