Gowlland Tod Provincial Park


Tod Inlet Trailhead:

Trails located around the Wallace Drive/Tod Inlet point are gentle and pass through old settlements associated the Vancouver Portland Cement Company, which operated in the area from 1904 to the 1920’s. This trailhead provides access to the shores of Tod Inlet, whose calm waters are an ideal setting for a picnic or relaxing visit.
Mackenzie Bight/Caleb Pike Trailheads:
This section of the park offers beautiful, maintained trails through mature forest and along the water. The majority of the park’s trail system extends from Mackenzie Bight to Caleb Pike, with linkages to Mount Finlayson in Goldstream Provincial Park. Trails wind through the Gowlland Range, which preserves rare dry coastal Douglas fir habitat and features grassy meadows, moss-covered rocky knolls and old-growth forest. The Gowlland Range towers 430 metres over Finlayson Arm, a unique fjord that only replenishes its marine waters once a year. A number of viewpoints offer spectacular glimpses across Finlayson Arm on this moderate to difficult hike.

Cultural Heritage