Golden Ears Provincial Park

Golden Ears - Hiking Trails

(One-way times and distances)

Mike Lake Trail: Main Corral to Mike Lake. Horse and hiking trail (4.2 kilometres; suggested hiking time: 2 hours; elevation change: 100 metres).

Incline Trail: Mike Lake to Alouette Mountain Fire Access Trail. Horse and hiking trail (1.2 kilometres; suggested hiking time: 1 hour; elevation change: 150 metres). This steep trail follows the “Incline” that was once used by loggers as a route to skyline huge logs down to Mike Lake from the trailhead. This shortcut eliminated 5 kilometres of the railroad haul down the mountain.

Alouette Mountain Hiking Trail: Top of Incline Trail via Alouette Mountain Fire Access Trail (10 kilometres; suggested time: 5 hours; elevation change: 1,000 metres). The panoramic view from Alouette Mountain is spectacular. For many hikers the highlight of the trail is the virgin stands of mountain hemlock and yellow cedar. The return trip to Alouette Mountain can take up to 9 or 10 hours. Be sure to carry water in dry weather and expect snow well into June. This trail is a strenuous hike requiring experience and proper equipment.

Alouette Mountain Fire Access Trail: Top of Incline Trail to destination northeast of Lake Beautiful (7.3 kilometres; elevation change: 400 metres). The trail follows the old fire access road through subalpine forest and eventually through a “blowdown” area caused by Typhoon Freda in 1962.

Menzies Trail: Park headquarters to Gold Creek parking lot. Horse, bicycling and hiking trail (9 kilometres; suggested hiking time: 4 1/2 hours; elevation change: minimal). Lookout and Loop Trails: Parkway via Lookout Trail to Lookout and return to parkway via Loop Trail (2.5 kilometres; suggested hiking time: 1 hour; elevation change: 75 metres). Park at Spirea Universal Access Nature Trail parking lot.

Viewpoint Trail: West Canyon parking lot to Lake Viewpoint (1.5 kilometres; suggested hiking time: 3/4 hour; elevation change: 175 metres). Good views. In wetter seasons a picturesque waterfall tumbles down a cliff just beyond the Lake Viewpoint.

West Canyon Trail (Golden Ears Trail): West Canyon parking lot to Alder Flats. Hiking trail only (5 kilometres; suggested time: 2 1/2 hours; elevation change: 250 metres). Trail follows an old logging grade for 3.2 kilometres then swings uphill. At this point a short trail drops downhill to Lower Falls.

GOLDEN EARS TRAIL: (12 km; suggested time: 7 hours; elevation change: 1,500 metres). Follow the West Canyon Trail from the parking lot to Alder Flats. From Alder Flats the Golden Ears Trail continues up a steep path to an old rail bed heading west. The rocky trail switchbacks north and then west again into a clearing and a set of rubble retaining wooden stairs. A rough single-track trail ascends north to the crest of the east spur on Panorama Ridge; most of the elevation gain happens here, with some parts requiring scrambling. Continue along Panorama Ridge to the Emergency Shelter. The ‘route’ to the summit of the North Ear may involve crossing a permanent snowfield and require proper mountaineering equipment due to the steep and icy terrain. Also, due to the alpine environment, clouds can sweep in and obscure visibility. Use extreme caution and utilize navigation equipment. The ascent of Golden Ears is a challenging two-day hike for all but the fittest and most experienced backcountry visitors. Informal backcountry camping areas are located at Alder Flats and on Panorama Ridge. No open fires are permitted in the backcountry. In dry weather drinking water is scarce, fill up at the creek before Alder Flats as there is no water source between Alder Flats and Panorama Ridge.


Lower Falls Trail: Gold Creek parking lot to Lower Falls. Hiking trail only (2.7 kilometres; suggested time: 1 hour; elevation change: minimal). A very popular, easy walk along Gold Creek to the 10-metre high Lower Falls. A beach area halfway to the falls is a good spot for a picnic or a sunbathe. Some of the best scenery in the park is visible just beyond.

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