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F.H. Barber Provincial Park

About This Park

F.H. Barber Provincial Park is approximately 1 km west of Laidlaw and comprises of 5 hectares of Fraser River floodplain bordering Jones Creek, the CNR tracks and the Fraser River.

Park access from Highway 1 is limited by private property. The CN Rail tracks that run between the park and Highway 1 are signed “no trespassing” by the property owner. Currently the best access to avoid trespass is via a series of 3 x 2m diameter culverts that travel under the railroad tracks located 450m East of the informal parking area alongside Highway 1. Alternatively, another access option is to travel along the bank of Jones Creek under a train bridge, which is located approximately 650m East of the informal parking area alongside Highway 1. For more information on CN Rail access restrictions, please visit the company’s website at or 1-888-888-5909.

This Class “A” provincial park was established in 1978 and is one of the two major public accesses to the Fraser River between Chilliwack and Hope.

The park is situated in Coastal Western Hemlock biogeoclimatic zone with vegetation representative of the undisturbed Fraser floodplain. Black cottonwood, broadleaf maple and red alder are interspersed with red cedar and western hemlock. Salmonberry shrubs form much of the dense understory. Many bird species frequent these treed areas along the Fraser. Semi-precious stones, including agate, jadeite and jasper may be found among the cobbles and boulders deposited along the shoreline.


F.H. Barber Provincial Park is approximately 1 km west of Laidlaw, just west of Hope.

Management Planning

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  • There is currently no approved valid management plan for this area. Management plans are prepared as soon as practicable, subject to available resources and the ability of key planning partners to participate.