Elk Lakes Provincial Park


There are three areas in Elk Lakes Provincial Park where camping is designated:

Lower Elk Lake: This area offers toilets, fire rings, food cache, and tent pads on the northeast side of the lake in the trees. (Fees apply)

Petain Creek: Backcountry wilderness camping is permitted in the Petain Creek Valley and Petain Basin. Please use wilderness camping “Leave No Trace” ethics. (No fees)

Cadorna Creek Watershed: Camping is also permitted in the Cadorna Creek Watershed. The backcountry campground at Abruzzi Lake offers a pit toilet, fire ring and two tent pads. Please use existing rock rings and impacted campsites throughout the Cadorna Watershed. Where there are no existing campsites, please practice “Leave No Trace” wilderness camping ethics. (No fees)

Fox Lake: Camping is prohibited.


A favourite activity of many park visitors is angling in the Elk River, Cadorna Creek and lakes throughout Elk Lakes Provincial Park. Species include Bull Trout, Rocky Mountain whitefish and Cutthroat trout. The best time period for fishing is right after break-up and from September to freeze-up. Fishing in the river and main lakes is poor during run-off (July-August). If cleaning fish along the shore please ensure the entrails are thrown into deep water or dispose of fish remains in a hot fire. Do not disturb spawning fish. Anglers require a BC fishing licence and should check B.C. Sport Fishing Regulations for special restrictions.