Pacific Crest Trail (Canadian Portion)

Canadian Portion: 13 km, 4 hours, elevation change 450m

The trail begins at the Windy Joe/Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) trailhead, located 1km off Hwy 3 on the Gibson Pass (Lightning Lake) Road.

From the parking lot, the trail heads southeast for 2.2 km before intersecting the Windy Joe access road. From here, turn right and follow Windy Joe for another 3.3 km until reaching the Windy Joe/PCT/Frosty Mountain trail junctions. While the Windy Joe trail does not afford spectacular panoramic vistas until reaching its summit, it does have a variety of flora and fauna to keep visitors intrigued.

From the Windy Joe/PCT turnoff, head south for approximately 1 km before reaching the Mt. Frosty turnoff - keep to the left and the PCT wilderness campsite is located within 1/2 km. This camp has a pit toilet, fire ring, ample camp space and a stream that runs dry near the end of a hot summer.

When leaving the camp, the trail descends in a southwesterly direction providing great views and a wide variety of flowers (June and July). Soon after the end of the descent, the trail crosses Castle Creek to the Castle Creek wilderness campsite at 12.5 km.

The border at Monument 78 is another 500 m south along the trail. Stop here, or continue on to Mexico, over 3700 km away! The majority of PCT hikers start at the Mexican border in late May or early June and arrive in Canada in late September or October.

photo of International border crossing at Monument 78


  • Due to heavy snowfall, extreme avalanche conditions and exist on this trail. Hikers going into the United States are recommended to wait until early July. For information check with BC Parks and the US Forest Service (Winthrop).
  • Firearms ARE NOT PERMITTED in E. C. Manning Provincial Park.
  • Customs and Permit Information:
    • Anyone wishing crossing the border should contact both US and Canadian immigration for information on the procedures to do so. Both the Canadian and US border services have occasionally posted immigration/border personnel in this area of the PCT crossing. Failure to provide the proper documentation could result in fines and/or indefinite entry suspension.
    • Everyone entering the United States must do so at a point of entry. The nearest point of entry is the Sumas Border crossing west of E. C. Manning Park. US Customs indicates that anyone southbound on the PCT is required to cross at the nearest point of entry. Failure to report in may result in arrest.
    • Everyone entering Canada must contact Canadian Immigration before entering. Canadian Customs requires that you obtain written permission to enter Canada but there is also the requirement to report to the nearest Customs Point of Entry and Immigration office.

Other Information

Additional information may be obtained by contacting the PCT Association.

The community of Eastgate is the closest gas station/post office/liquor store. It is located 17km east of Manning Park Resort.

We wish you a safe and memorable hike along the PCT!