E. C. Manning Provincial Park

Hope Pass Trail

Captain Grant constructed this heritage trail in 1861/62 on the request of the Royal Engineers.

Rating: easy to moderate hiking trail

Length: 23.5 km one way

Elevation Change:1000 m

Time: 10 hours

Wilderness Site:  includes toilet, fire ring, water

This former horse trail commences at Cayuse Flats parking lot (elevation 850m), 17km east of the west portal and ends at Dick’s Cabin. Cayuse Flats has 2 pit toilets, parking for 10 vehicles as well as 1 hitching rail.

After leaving the parking lot one follows the Skaist River in a northerly direction, the trails is undermined making is impassable for horses. At approximately 6km the trail crosses Grainger Creek where Grainger Creek camp is located. The Grainger Creek Trail, which is a hiking trail only, travels east to Nicomen Lake. Once you have crossed Grainger Creek you are in the Cascade Recreation Area.

Continuing along the Skaist River the Hope Pass Trail goes through some fairly heavy timber and crosses various creeks. Presently the boardwalks and bridges along this section are impassable for horses. A few kilometres past Grainger Creek you may see signs of a mountain beaver colony and further up the trail keep your eyes open for waterfalls on the west side. Water is plentiful on this trail year-round. At 19 km you arrive to a viewpoint as well as benches. Skaist Mountain to the north at 22 km is 1950m. in elevation.

Marmot City camp is located just below Hope Pass and is the location of a horse. This camp has limited water and feed during the later part of a hot summer. The Hope Pass, elevation 1839m, is the divide of the Whipsaw Creek and Skaist River.

From Marmot City you can travel north a further 1.5km to Dick’s Cabin or continue in an easterly direction along the Hope Pass Trail and down Whipsaw Creek on a 24km logging road. From Dick’s Cabin you can return the way you came or follow the Dewdney Trail west to the Cascade Recreation Area parking lot via Paradise Valley, a distance of 36km, and then take the Skagit Bluff Trail to Cayuse Flats. The Skagit Bluff Trail is 5.6km.

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