E. C. Manning Provincial Park

Dewdney Trail

photo of Dewdney trail near Daddy's Pond Edgar Dewdney constructed this heritage trail in 1860 on the request of Governor Douglas. This trail was originally called “Mule Road to the Similkameen” and later known as the “Canyon Trail”.

Rating: moderate hiking trail

Length: 36km one way

Elevation Change: 1131 metres

Time: 14-16 hours hike or 2 days by horseback


Wilderness camp - unless otherwise noted includes toilet, fire ring and water; no horses allowed

Horse camp - unless otherwise noted includes toilet, fire ring, water, hitching rail and grazing

The trail commences at the Cascade Recreation Area parking lot (elevation 769 m) located 12 km east of the west entrance to the park and ends at Dick’s cabin on the Whipsaw Road. The Cascade Recreation Area parking lot consists of a 20 vehicle parking area, 2 pit toilets and 3 hitching rails.

From the parking lot one follows the west side of Snass Creek in a northerly direction. At 2.5km you will reach the turn off point for the Whatcom Trail to the east, and at 3.5km, from the parking lot, you will arrive at Dry Lake. This lake fills only during spring freshet and dries up by early to mid July. From Dry Lake it is a steady 12.5km climb following a valley to Paradise Valley. If one looks high up on the mountainsides you might be lucky to spot a Grizzly Bear or Mountain Goat.

As you near the top end of the canyon, fill your water bottles, as there is limited water at Snass View Camp. At this point one leaves E. C. Manning Park and enters the Cascade Recreation Area. Snass View wilderness camp is located at the Whatcom Trail junction, which is also the west end of Paradise Valley. From the Snass View camp the trail leaves in a north-westerly direction going 1km to yet another junction.

The left fork or Warburton Trail is a 6km loop trail ending at the Tulameen horse camp. On this portion you will gain some elevation and you will see the last remaining building of the old Evans family cow camp. The family used to run cattle through here in the 1950’s. Warburton horse camp is located 3km from Snass View camp. The cabin was built and donated by Chuck Chesnut around 1980. The camp and prominent peak is named after nurse Warburton who after being lost for 7 days was found by William A. Davis aka “Podunk Davis”. A further 3km brings you to the Tulameen horse camp where Snass Mt. at 2310m can be seen to the south.

Approximately 2km from camp the Tulameen River is crossed and the trail follows Hubbard Creek for 6km where there is a very nice open meadow and another horse camp (Hubbard Creek camp).

Four km east of the horse camp is Paddy’s Pond, which is also a good source of water. From this point you can either turn north, and travel to Coalmont (approximately 30km), or continue east a further 6km to Dick’s Cabin. The cabin is at an elevation of 1900m. with lots of subalpine flowers and very picturesque views. Once again you will see a nice view of Snass Mountain. From Dick’s cabin you can return the way you came or via the Hope Pass Trail or continue in an easterly direction along Whipsaw Creek on a logging road.

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