E. C. Manning Provincial Park

Bonnevier Trail

photo of E. C. Manning
Rating: Strenuous

Location: 18 km one way from the Heather Trail junction 25 km one way from Heather Trail parking lot.

Elevation Change: 950 m

Time: 8 to 10 hours (from parking lot)

Start of Trail: Heather Trail Parking lot

Rating: Type 4 trail

The present trail was constructed in 1971 and replaced much of the old Bonnevier Trail. A large blow down area was cleared in 1996.

After hiking along the Heather Trail for 7 km the Bonnevier Trail leads off to the right. At this point the trail starts its 18 km descent to Highway 3. The terminus of the trail is at the park’s east entrance just behind the “Black Bear” entrance sign.

The first 2 km of trail are through an open meadow. The only available water is at 9 km where canteens should be filled for the continuing descent. Between km 10 and 11 is a nice open meadow which is a welcome spot for a rest or a picnic. 12 km brings you to the remnants of the old/original trail. The old trail was built by Charlie Bonnevier as a pack-horse route to the ridge which now bears his name. This old route was well known until 1939. Follow the sign to Highway 3. At 14 km you will reach a large blowdown. The trail continues through the blowdown for approximately 500 metres and then downhill to the east portal or the “Black Bear”

Trail History: The park is rich with historical travel routes and this trail up to Bonnevier Ridge and beyond to the Three Brothers Mountain is one of them. In 1907, a Swede, Charlie Bonnevier, came to the Similkameen and fashioned out a homestead near the east gate of the park. Up until his last few years he prospected for gold in the numerous tributaries of the Similkameen River. His findings never amounted to much, yet they were sufficient to supply his simple needs, for he wanted few luxuries.

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