Crooked River Provincial Park

Hiking Trails

Those who enjoy hiking and walking can explore this beautiful park along the nine kilometres of marked trail. There are three main trails to chose from, each taking about an hour round trip.

One trail takes visitors to and around Square Lake, an excellent spot for nature viewing. The lodgepole pine forests, lakes and wetlands of the park provide excellent habitat for a number of mammals and birds. River otters, beavers, muskrats, squirrels and chipmunks are the most common residents. Lynx, red fox, coyote and black bear may also be seen. Many birds frequent the park including bald eagles, ospreys, tanagers and chickadees.

A second trail overlooks the willow-fringed Crooked River, the park’s namesake. This meandering river, once the corridor of the famous explorers Alexander Mackenzie and Simon Fraser, is popular with canoeists. Elegant Trumpeter swans visit the river in the winter.

The third trail encircling Bear Lake is a great place for an evening stroll.

A brochure and map is available on the Crooked River Provincial Park web page.

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