Carp Lake Provincial Park

Man and boy fishing from dock


Angling is the single most popular activity in Carp Lake Provincial Park, which is considered one of the very best fishing sites in the Central Interior. (The 6,000 hectare lake was first acclaimed for its prime fishing potential nearly two centuries ago, by explorer Simon Fraser!) Anglers come from near and far to try their luck with fly or spinner for the lake’s succulent rainbow trout.

The Carp Lake watershed above War Falls has isolated six fish species from the Peace River drainage. Rainbow trout averaging 500 grams and burbot are regularly caught by anglers. Northern Pikeminnow, two species of suckers and redside shiners can be found in park waters. There is also a short loop trail that connects Carp Lake Campground with the McLeod River, providing access to fly fishing sites.

The Carp Lake fishery depends solely on natural reproduction. There is no stocking program. With increasing demand on the fishery, the catch and release program is encouraged. Using lures and flies, rather than bait, is just as successful for catching rainbow trout and is less harmful to the fish.