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During a campfire ban, smoking is restricted in all public areas of a park or protected area. Please read this Information Bulletin.

Bodega Ridge Provincial Park

About This Park

Bodega Ridge Provincial Park Amazing views, wildlife and unique natural features are just a few of the reasons to visit Bodega Ridge Provincial Park, located on Galiano Island in the southern Gulf Islands. The highlight of this day-use only park is a 4-km ridge rising 328 metres above sea level. The top of the ridge can be reached in approximately 30 minutes via a trail that leads uphill along the top of Bodega Ridge, through a forested area and along the cliff edge. From the top, hikers will be rewarded with spectacular vistas of Trincomali Channel, Vancouver Island and the Strait of Georgia.

The park’s high cliffs are home to bald eagles, peregrine falcons and turkey vultures. Unique sandstone formations on the water’s edge below support large wildflower populations, which are known for their splendour and can be enjoyed by passing boaters and paddlers. Although this park has no developed facilities, its inspiring scenery makes it a popular destination for both visitors and island residents.

Date Established: April 11, 2001
Park Size: 397 hectares (321 hectares of upland and 76 hectares of foreshore)

Know Before You Go

Park Safety

  • Please be sure to remain on designated trails away from cliff edges when hiking Bodega Ridge.
  • Bring your own water when visiting the park, as there is no potable water available.

Special Notes

  • The park contains environmentally sensitive features and several marine and terrestrial species are either threatened or endangered. Please help protect these species and their habitat by staying on the designated trail.

Location and Maps

Please note: Any maps listed are for information only – they may not represent legal boundaries and should not be used for navigation.

Bodega Ridge Provincial Park is located on Galiano Island in the southern Gulf Islands. Galiano Island can be reached via BC Ferry service from Swartz Bay north of Victoria (approximately 1 hour). The park is situated approximately three-quarters of the way along the island from the ferry terminal and is accessible by Cottage Way from Porlier Pass Road.

Nearby communities include: Galiano Island, Saltspring Island, Mayne Island, Victoria, Nanaimo, Duncan, Vancouver

Nature and Culture

  • History: Bodega Ridge is named after Captain Juan Francisco de le Bodega y Quadra, who commanded the ship Nootka when Captain Vancouver arrived here in 1792.
  • Conservation: This park protects critical habitat for the endangered peregrine falcon, who nest, feed and raise their young along the cliffs that overlook Trincomali Channel. These cliffs also provided habitat for bald eagles and turkey vultures. Unique sandstone formations support large wildflower populations, which are known for their splendour and can be enjoyed from the water by boaters and paddlers passing the park. The park contains unique plant communities such as the hairy manzanita and Gray’s desert-parsley. The foreshore area is important habitat for rockfish (especially copper and quillback), lingcod, sea perches and invertebrate species such as crabs, bivalves, red and green sea urchins, shrimp, starfish and sponges. The weathervane scallop is found in Trincomali Channel, only one of two areas in British Columbia with sizeable populations.Bodega Ridge also protects the rare manzanita, a special shrub species, as well as grasslands and Douglas fir ecosystems, which are poorly represented in the Gulf Islands.
  • General Wildlife, Marine & Outdoor Ethics Information

Activities Available at this Park



Rockfish Conservation Areas occur within this park. Fishing activities are limited in Rockfish Conservation Areas. Before you go fishing please refer to the Rockfish Conservation Area descriptions available from Fisheries and Oceans (DFO). Anyone fishing or angling in British Columbia must have an appropriate licence.


A 4 km trail through the park is accessible via Cottage Way. This trail leads uphill along the top of Bodega Ridge, through the forested area and along the cliff edge, ending at the northern boundary of the park. A large portion of this hike is uphill with the remaining portion adjacent to the cliff edge. The top of the ridge can be reached in approximately 30 minutes. Please stay on designated trail and away from cliff edge. Please respect vegetation in the area as it is sensitive to human disturbance.


Portions of this park are open to hunting for specific species. Hunters must have valid licences and tags. Please refer to the current Hunting & Trapping Regulations Synopsis publication for closures and regulations.
Pets on Leash

Pets on Leash

Pets/domestic animals must be on a leash and under control at all times. You are responsible for their behaviour and must dispose of their excrement.