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Upper Rogers Kólii7 Conservancy

About This Conservancy

The Upper Rogers Kólii7 Conservancy is 3,605 hectares in size and is situated in the headwaters of Rogers Creek watershed, which drains into the Lillooet River approximately 18 kilometres south of Lillooet Lake.The conservancy includes the upper portion of the Rogers Creek watershed, adjacent to the drainage of Lizzie Creek.

The conservancy encompasses pristine alpine lakes and subalpine meadows, montane forest ecosystems, and portions of the Skook Jim and Caltha glaciers. The word “kólii7” (pronounced ko-leh) is Ucwalmicwts for “high green meadow” and reflects the alpine environment of the conservancy.

The conservancy is within the traditional territory of In-SHUCK-ch Nation. The conservancy protects an In-SHUCK-ch cultural site and was identified as a significant cultural area within the In-SHUCK-ch Land Stewardship Plan.

The conservancy is a well-known destination for hiking and camping, and access is via the In-SHUCK-ch Forest Service Road which travels along the east side of Lillooet Lake.

Management Planning

Upper Rogers kólii7 Conservancy Management Plan

The management plan for Upper Rogers kólii7 Conservancy was approved in 2011 by both BC Parks and the In-SHUCK-ch Nation.