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Upper Elaho Valley Conservancy

About This Conservancy

Upper Elaho Valley Conservancy was established as part of the Sea to Sky Land and Resource Management Plan area. The conservancy contains the headwaters of the Elaho River, which has formed a large valley that has been carved out to form an 80-metre deep canyon with sheer volcanic rock cliffs on either side.

The conservancy protects extensive old-growth forest and provides habitat for moose, mountain goat and grizzly bears.

This conservancy contains important First Nations’ cultural, spiritual and heritage values.

Conservancy Size: 10,253 hectares
Date Established: June 27, 2008

Location and Maps

Please note: Any maps listed are for information only; they may not represent legal boundaries and should not be used for navigation. The conservancy is located approximately 60 kilometres southwest of Pemberton and approximately 100 kilometres northwest of Squamish.