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Esté-tiwilh/Sigurd Creek Conservancy

About This Conservancy

The Esté-tiwilh/Sigurd Creek Conservancy is approximately 1,112 hectares in size and is adjacent to the northern boundary of Tantalus Park in southwestern British Columbia. The conservancy represents approximately 12% of the 9,164 hectare Esté-tiwilh Kkwayex Kwelháynexw ta Skwxwú7mesh Temixw, or Squamish Nation Wild Spirit Place, on the west side of the Squamish River between the Ashlu and Elaho watersheds (See Figures 1 and 2 of the Management Plan).

The conservancy is also adjacent to Yelhixw, a Squamish Nation village site, at the confluence of the Squamish River and Ashlu Creek.

Conservancy Size: 1,112 ha


Nature and Culture

  • Culture: The conservancy is in the asserted traditional territory of the Squamish Nation, and provides extensive opportunities for traditional spiritual and cultural uses. The translation of Esté-tiwilh (pronounced us-tut-ee-wayth) is “the great beauty and power that surrounds us and that we should strive to be in harmony with.”
  • Conservation: Within the conservancy is a rare floodplain Sitka Spruce Devil’s Club ecosystem.
  • Wildlife: The conservancy protects high-value habitat, including mountain goat winter range, salmon-foraging areas for grizzly bear, marbled murrelet nesting habitat, winter roost sites for bald eagle, spotted owl habitat, and steelhead and salmon spawning areas.