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A Note to Adults

Play safe! Educate yourself and your kids before going out into the wilderness. While parks are great places for recreation, learning and discovery, it is important to plan ahead and be well-informed. You will enjoy your BC Parks trip to the fullest by being well-informed and following the suggested safety tips. The following tips will help to teach your kids how to play safe in parks and what to do in case of an emergency. Use these safety tips as a reference tool and discuss them with your kids or students before you get there.

Wildlife Tips


We see them on the side of the highway, on logging roads, ont he way to a campsite, near towns, or int he bush when hiking. Bears will usually hide from people, but remember: Just because you don't see a bear doesn't mean they aren't around.


Here's how to be Bear Aware

  • Never feed bears.
  • Report tame bears.
  • Never get too close to bears.
  • Be a noisy, open-area hiker.
  • Keep a clean camping spot.
  • Never explore bad-smelling areas, and never play near garbage dumps.
If a Bear Approaches You:
  • Talk softly to the bear so that it knows what you are.
  • Leave slowly - always face the bear, but don't stare directly at him.
  • If the bear follows you or starts to circle you, slowly but calmly keep baking up towards help, or maybe into a lake.
  • Go for help. Tell a parent, teacher, conservation officer, or the RCMP that a bear is in the area. Do not return until it is safe.

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The cougar, also called mountain lion or panther, is Canada's largest cat. An adult male cougar weighs between 140 and 200lbs (63-90kg) and a female, between 90-100lbs (40-50kg). Cougars are most active at dusk and dawn. However, they will roam and hunt at any time of the day or night, and in all seasons. Cougar and human conflict is most likely to occur in the late spring and summer, when young cougars become independent from their mothers and roam widely in search of unoccupied territory.


Here's how to be Cougar Aware

  • Never approach a cougar.
  • Always give the cougar an avenue to escape.
  • Do not run. Try to back away slowly.
  • Do not turn your back on the cougar. Face the cougar and remain upright.
  • Do everything you can to make yourself seem big. Don't crouch down or try to hide. Instead, pick up sticks or branches and wave them around.