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Play safe! Educate yourself and your kids before going out into the wilderness. While parks are great places for recreation, learning and discovery, it is important to plan ahead and be well-informed. You will enjoy your BC Parks trip to the fullest by being well-informed and following the suggested safety tips. The following tips will help to teach your kids how to play safe in parks and what to do in case of an emergency. Use these safety tips as a reference tool and discuss them with your kids or students before you get there.

Tips for Kids

Stay on well-marked trails and always hike with a buddy.
This will help prevent your getting lost in the first place. If you do get lost, you and your buddy can help each other.

Tell a parent, teacher or friend where you are going and when you expect to return.
This will help people find you if you become lost.

Wear a bright coloured and bring a hat and some warm clothing with you.
A bright colour like orange or red will help you to be seen if you get lost. Weather can change quickly, and temperatures drop at night, so always carry some warm clothes with you.

Carry a garbage bag and a whistle on a picnic, hike, or camping trip. An orange garbage bag is best.
If you do get lost, you can make a hole in the bag for your face (so you can breathe!) and put the bag on over your head to keep you dry and warm. A whistle requires less energy than yelling and is louder than your voice.

Carry a non-perishable snack and something to drink.
You can’t always rely on finding clean water if you get lost. Keep a snack, drink, garbage bag, and whistle your backpack.

If you get lost, hug a tree as soon as you realize you are lost. A tree will shelter you and help you feel better. Hugging your tree will keep you in one place so you can be found, and will ensure you don’t venture further into the wilderness.

Don’t hide.
If you get lost, a parent, teacher or other adult will get a search team out to find you. Don’t hide if you see someone looking for you. It is probably a person from a search team, or someone else who can help you.

Stay calm!

You will be safest if you stay calm. Remember, if you are lost, there are people searching for you, and all you have to do is stay in one place and wait for them to find you. If you hear a noise that frightens you, yell out your name. Animals are usually more afraid of you than you are of them.

Make yourself big.
If you are lost, try to pick a tree that is located in a clearing so you can be easily seen. Lie down if you hear a helicopter or a plane fly over. That way there is more of you visible from the sky than just the top of your head!

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