Kids and Families

Nature lovers of any age can enjoy these fun and engaging learning resources.



Plant and animal identification app – all ages

Help document and celebrate the biodiversity of BC Parks, from salmon to sasquatches, if it’s in a park we would love to know about it! When you visit BC's provincial parks and protected areas, collect photographic observation of plants, animals, other organisms and natural features, and upload them to the iNaturalist website or app. These observations help researchers develop a deeper understanding of what parks are protecting and can inform management decisions to sustain these protected areas for generations to come.


Jerry’s Nature Quest

Self-guided booklet – ages 3–12

Adventure awaits in BC Parks! Jerry’s Nature Quest booklet was designed to be completed in one park, in one visit. Explore the park, and complete the Scavenger Hunt Bingo, the Search for Adventure Word Search, and the Crossword Puzzle. Use the Kid’s Packing List to make sure you have all the essentials needed for adventures! Submit your Nature Quest booklet to a participating Park Operator to win a prize!

Education Booklets

BC Parks Education Booklets

Self-guided booklets – ages 3–5, 6–8, 8–11 and 12+

The BC Parks Education Booklets are a series of four booklets designed to support young visitors in a child-led, self-guided age-specific experience of discovering provincial parks by providing engaging, fun, and informative activities for children and youth. All booklets focus on four educational themes relevant for park visitors in BC Parks: Conservation, Indigenous Relations, Responsible Recreation, and Outdoor Safety.

Jerry's Rangers

Jerry's Rangers

Jerry’s Rangers is an interpretive program that provides nature-based activities designed to foster the next generation of stewards by engaging young park visitors (5-12 years) in learning, observing, respecting, being safe and responsible in BC Parks