Jerry's Rangers

Jerry's Rangers

Jerry’s Rangers is an interpretive program that provides nature-based activities designed to foster the next generation of stewards by engaging young park visitors (5-12 years) in learning, observing, respecting, being safe and responsible in BC Parks. The Jerry’s Rangers program enhances visitor experience and creates meaningful connections between young people and their natural environment. The program debuted in BC Parks in 1984 and has been loved by families since; this year we are rolling out a newly updated version!

This program emphasizes four outcomes:

  • Conservation: Learn why conservation matters in parks and how to help conserve the environment.
  • Indigenous Culture: Respect Indigenous Peoples and their sacred sites, understand that BC Parks are located on Indigenous Peoples’ traditional territories and that Indigenous heritage is integral to the cultural and historic value of BC Parks.
  • Responsible Recreation: Participants are responsible and respectful of others and the environment while using parks, leaving minimal impacts on the environment.
  • Outdoor Safety: Stay safe, make good decisions, and know how to prepare when recreating in parks.

Participate in activities to earn stamps, and when you collect 6 stamps, you will become a Jerry’s Ranger!

The 6 stamp categories are:

Jerry's Rangers Antler LogoNaturalist: Science of the natural world
Jerry's Rangers Antler LogoStoryteller: History of the land and the people who live here
Jerry's Rangers Antler LogoWayfinder: Personal responsibility to be prepared and oriented outdoors
Jerry's Rangers Antler LogoObserver: Physical education and sensory awareness
Jerry's Rangers Antler LogoArtist: Art explorations on the land
Jerry's Rangers Antler LogoSteward: Social responsibility to care for the environment

Jerry’s Rangers programming was offered at 20 parks in the summer of 2021 by Park Operators, Nature Houses and Discover Parks Ambassadors.