Damdochax Protected Area: Damdochax Protected Area


Damdochax Protected Area was designated by the provincial government following recommendations from the Fort St. James Land and Resource Management Plan.

Cultural Heritage

Damdochax Protected Area lies within the asserted traditional territory of the Gitxsan First Nation. The area is rich with First Nations history and visitors should respect any values and cultural sites within the park. Damdochax is based on the Gitxsan word for “black water” and the area is often referred to as “The Blackwater.”

The Telegraph Trail runs through the Protected Area following the Damdochax River towards the headwaters of the Nass.


Damdochax Protected Area protects a main passage between the Nass and Skeena watersheds. Within the protected area, a variety of ecosystems are protected, each with old-growth values.


The flooded willow swamps between Damdochax and Wiminasik Lakes are used by calving moose and the whole valley is used as moose winter range. Grizzly bears live and den in the area, and use the Damdochax/Slamgeesh Valleys as a travelling corridor.

High value fish habitat is found throughout the Damdochax River, with Steelhead, coho, sockeye and chum all found spawning in the Protected Area.

The Damdochax is important to migrating waterfowl in the fall, when many other bodies of water are frozen.

Other animals found in high numbers in the Protected Area include wolves, otter, wolverine, marten, black bears and eagles.