Cultus Lake Park: FAQs about Maple Bay visitor cabins

Fees and reservations

How can I reserve a cabin?

Reservations for the cabins are available via the BC Parks reservations system. Cabins can be reserved up to 4 months in advance. Cabin reservable dates.

What is the rental rate per night?

Cabins are $90 per night, plus the cost to reserve ($6 per night plus tax, to a maximum of $18 plus tax) during the reservable period.

Does the Senior's Discount and/or the Social Servies Camping Fee Exemption apply to the cabins?

The senior's discount and the Social Servies Camping Fee Exemption do not apply to the cabins.

Are the cabins available to rent outside of the reservable period?

The cabins are not available to rent outside of the reservable period.

What is provided?

What amenities are available in the cabins?

Each 200 sq ft cabin includes heating, lights and a power outlet (110 volts); each has its own private covered patio complete with picnic table and stainless steel cooking surface.

Do the cabins supply bedding and dishes?

Bedding, dishes and cooking stoves are not provided; please come prepared with these supplies.

Are there fire pits provided at the cabins?

The cabins do not have fire pits, but a propane fire pit can be used at the cabins.

Do the cabins have running water?

No, there is no running water in the cabins. However, there are central water taps and sinks at the washroom and shower building.

Are there showers available?

There is a new washroom and shower building central to the cabins for visitor use.

General information

Where are the cabins?

They are next to the Maple Bay campground.

How many cabins are available?

There are 25 cabins in all.

How many people can stay at each cabin?

Each cabin sleeps up to 5 guests - with 1 queen bed, 1 set of single bunk beds and 1 single bed.

Is parking available at the cabins?

Each cabin rental comes with one assigned passenger-vehicle parking spot. Additional parking spots are not available.

Are the cabins wheelchair-accessible?

Yes, the cabins are wheelchair-accessible; they have leveled entry ways and ramps.

Can I pitch a tent at these sites?

Tents are not permitted.

Can I bring my pet?

Sorry, pets are not permitted in the cabins.