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April 8, 2020 All BC Parks closing
BC Parks is immediately closing all provincial parks in response to the widespread call for increased action to address COVID-19.

Province closing certain parks, recreation areas
BC Parks continues to monitor whether people visiting provincial parks are complying with the physical distancing required to stop the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

BC Parks status during COVID-19 response
Provincial parks are a great place for people in B.C. to get out and enjoy nature, while following the social distancing directives from British Columbia’s provincial health officer (PHO).

2021 Camping Season Frequently Asked Questions


Camping and Reservations

What policies are in effect for the 2021 camping season?

Some policies have changed. See 2021 Camping Policies for the most up to date information.

Customers are responsible for reading and understanding BC Parks’ Reservation Policies (including change/cancellation policies) before making a reservation. These policies will be strictly enforced for the 2021 camping season.  

Reservation policies, including change and cancellation policies, can be found at bcparks.ca/reserve

Where can I make a reservation?

Visit www.discovercamping.ca or call the call centre 7 days a week from 7AM-7PM PT at 1-800-689-9025 (toll-free in North America), or 1-778-371-0607 (international). A $5 surcharge applies to call centre transactions.

If you are making a reservation online, use our handy Discover Camping Step-By-Step Guide to help you.

How can I prepare to make a reservation prior to the opening date?
  • If you do not already have a user account, visit www.discovercamping.ca to create one.
  • If you are making a reservation online, review our handy Discover Camping Step-By-Step Guide
  • Visit the individual park webpage for the park you would like to visit to make sure you have the most up to date information.
  • Check the campground Dates of Operation on the park webpage where you want to visit. Campground operating and reservable dates, can also be found at
  • Be sure to read and understand BC Parks Reservation Policies before making a reservation, including cancellation windows and associated penalties for late cancellations. These details can be found at bcparks.ca/reserve and new policies for the 2021 season can be found at .
  • Camping in BC is in high demand and some campgrounds fill up quickly, especially for long weekends. Have a few options in mind for camping dates and locations in case your first choice is full.
What if I am having trouble logging into my user account?

If you need help with your user account, or if you are having any other difficulties using the Discover Camping website, our Discover Camping call centre is available to help 7 days a week from 7AM-7PM PT at 1-800-689-9025 (toll-free in North America) or 1-778-371-0607 (other international). A $5 surcharge applies to call centre transactions).

What if the dates I want to book are marked as unavailable?

If sites on the Discover Camping website are showing as unavailable, they are either not available to reserve or have already been booked by another customer. Camping in BC is in very high demand, and campsites fill up quickly, especially on long weekends. It is useful to have a few options in mind in case your first choice in unavailable.

Visit the Operating Dates page or individual park webpages to be sure you are familiar with the current reservable dates, and check our Reservation Policies for information on applicable booking windows. If cancellations are made, the sites will be released for other customers to reserve the following day at 7AM PT.

How is Discover Camping preparing to manage the volume of reservations on opening day?

In preparation for the expected high demand for camping, the Discover Camping reservation system has been scaled up with additional server capacity to handle increased volume and web traffic.

To better manage the increased call volume relating to reservation requests, the call centre has added additional staff to ensure all calls are answered promptly.

To help set yourself up to succeed prior to making a reservation, ensure you are familiar with the Discover Camping system and login process. Plan ahead and determine the parks where you intend to reserve.

We expect high demand for reservations again this year. Plan ahead, have back up options for your preferred sites and dates, and try again if you don’t get your first choices.

Why has BC parks delayed reservation opening dates and reduced the booking window?

The decision to delay release dates was made so that customers could make reservations closer to the season and would be more informed regarding the current state of the pandemic. 

Releasing reservations on March 8, 2021, for most campgrounds and March 1, 2021, for the Berg Lake Trail and Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit provides a shorter planning window than the normal annual release dates, encouraging less planning and more local travel. At the same time, these dates will still allow for some planning capacity for those looking to secure their summer plans in advance.

When are non-residents of BC allowed to make reservations through Discover Camping?

Starting July 8, 2021, non-residents of BC will be permitted to make reservations for any remaining arrival dates in the season.

Group Sites

Are capacities for groupsites changing?

As of July 1st, 2021, BC Parks is returning to normal occupancy limits for group campsites. Updated occupancy limits for groupsites can be found by visiting Groupsite Maximum Capacities [PDF]. Groupsite reservation holders arriving from July 1st onward are welcome to bring more guests. Modifications to party size will only be accepted in-park and cannot be processed online or via the call centre. Please note, additional fees will be applicable and payable to the park operator upon arrival in-park. For more information, visit Groupsite Maximum Capacities [PDF].


Is it safe to visit parks again? What safety measures are in place?

BC Parks is doing everything we can to ensure parks are safe for visitors. COVID-19 Park Safety Plans are available for more information.

We ask that visitors abide by PHO guidelines around physical distancing, particularly in areas that experience crowding and visitor traffic like parking lots, washroom facilities, and on trails. Check out our visitor guides to camping during COVID-19:

It is up to all of us to do our part to ensure Park Operators, staff, and visitors remain safe so we can keep parks open.