Occasional Papers Series

The aim of the BC Parks Occasional Paper Series is to promote interest and understanding of issues relating to the protection, planning, and management of the protected areas under BC Park's jurisdiction. These papers contribute to scientific knowledge, and to an information base that will assist BC Parks in its stewardship of these areas.

BC Parks has statutory obligations for the protection of the natural environment; the preservation and maintenance of recreational value; and to preserve representative and special natural ecosystems, species, features and phenomena.

BC Parks, therefore has a commitment to protect, present and manage, for all time, the natural and cultural heritage conserved in provincial parks and ecological reserves, and the recreational values in provincial parks.

Here is a list of Occasional Papers:
  • Occasional Paper No. 1 - An Investigation into the Ecology of Fallow Deer of Sidney Spit Provincial Park, March 1994
  • Occasional Paper No. 2 - How to Prepare an Occasional Paper (staff only)
  • Occasional Paper No. 3 - An Inventory and Mapping of Subtidal Biophysical Features of the Goose Islands, Hakai Recreation Area, British Columbia, March 1995
  • Occasional Paper No. 4 - Vancouver Island Marmot Bones from Subalpine Caves: Archaeological and Biological Significance, February 1996
  • Occasional Paper No. 5 - Brooks Peninsula: An Ice Age Refugium on Vancouver Island
  • Occasional Paper No. 6 - Mount Robson Provincial Park, Ecosystem Management Plan, March 2001