Bear-People Conflict Prevention Plan for BC Parks

The bear-people conflict prevention plan provides direction and guidelines for BC Parks staff to use when confronted with bear management situations in provincial parks. The intent is to define appropriate courses of action to minimize the probability of bear-people conflicts while maintaining natural populations of grizzly and black bears throughout protected areas.

The focus of the plan is on preventing conflicts from occurring by eliminating access to human food and garbage, and by managing visitor activities in areas of high seasonal bear use. It describes management actions for staff training, visitor information, facility location/design, food storage and garbage handling.

The plan provides decision criteria to determine when a bear becomes a "problem bear." Stepwide procedures ranging from the least to the most severe management actions are given to ensure that the causes, and not just the symptoms, of problems are treated. Guidelines on the appropriate use of bear warnings, area closures, aversive conditioning, immobilization, translocation, and destruction are given.

To ensure management actions meet plan objectives and are based on the best available information, a monitoring and research program is an essential part of this plan. Staff roles and responsibilities are clearly delineated to provide for consistent application and high priority of the management plan.

Click here for a copy of the Bear-People Conflict Prevention Plan, December 2002 (PDF format).