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Ski resort policy

BC Parks ski resort policy

BC Parks has three major ski resorts located within the provincial parks system, in Cypress, Mount Seymour and E.C. Manning Provincial Parks. Development of a Ski Resort Policy was undertaken to provide guidance on aspects of ski resort and permit management not addressed through other policies or legislation. The final policy was developed with input from the public, stakeholder groups, the Ski Resort operators, the Canada West Ski Area Association, and the Mountain Resorts Branch of the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. The Ski Resort Policy provides a framework to address resort planning, improvements, environmental assessments, and permit administration.

Click below to see the approved policy:

BC Parks ski resort policy for Cypress, E.C. Manning, and Mount Seymour Parks [PDF]

This policy does not stand alone in guiding decisions on ski resort operations, but will be considered in the context of:

  • The Park Act, the legislation that governs provincial parks
  • The designations of each of the parks where the ski resort are located, as these reflect intentions for each park
  • The Park Management Plan documents that were developed as policy for general management of each park in its entirety
  • The park-use permits issued to the ski resort operators and the rights and obligations in these documents.

The policy is specific to the working relationship between the province and the ski resort operators, the management of the permits, coordination of the permits with other park decisions, and administrative steps required for decisions on the permits.

BC Parks would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide comments on the draft policy. BC Parks solicited and incorporated feedback on the policy through a Policy Intentions Paper that was posted from May 15–June 29, 2014. Feedback on this paper was used to inform a draft policy that was also posted for public review and comment from March 6th to April 21, 2015. Development of the final policy considered the feedback received through this process. The intentions paper, draft policy, and a summary of comments received on each, can be found below.